Last week, I explained how asking “why” several times helps you get to your core values.

This technique is used in Continuous Improvement in industry and manufacturing, where it is known as “the Five Whys”.

Taiichi Ohno describes how it can be used to explore the cause and effect relationships underlying a problem in his book, Toyota Production System: Beyond Large Scale Production.

Ohno believes that you only need ask “Why?” five times to get to the root.

In a similar way, if you ask why a value is important to you five times, you will get to your core value.

Sometimes, you might find that you start looping, or repeating the same value when you ask why. That’s a core value.

Sometimes, you’ll find that “it just is”. That’s a core value.

If you live by your core values, you will have less internal conflict, make decisions that you believe are better and feel more satisfied.

You will have a more fulfilling life.

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