Berni McKeown is the creator of IMPACT goals. He explains why he created them:

“I love creating. I find it easy to create simple processes to improve things. I quite simply enjoy it. I aspire to make things better than before and strive for excellence.

I’ve used many goalsetting methods over my business and engineering career, drawing from diverse sources like NLP and project management. I created and honed several techniques, my favourite being IMPACT Goals. This is because they are so aspirational.

I struggled for many years with the opposing tensions of wanting to plan my life, whilst been told it was best to “live in the moment”. I’m a voracious reader of self-improvement and psychology books. One night, whilst reading “The Art of Happiness” by the Dalai Lama, a lightbulb flashed on in my head. He said that living in the moment and having goals were not mutually exclusive, and that it was best to embrace both fully.

I realised setting goals based on one’s values might help other people too. One of my goals is to leave a legacy. I recognise that IMPACT Goals is a way to achieve this, because it can help people reach their potential and achieve their dreams.

I hope it does that for you.”

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