Here are a range of books that you can use when setting the best personal goals.

Books to help you set the best personal goals

These books are mentioned in my blogs about improving your personal goal setting using IMPACT Goals.

They are in addition to the top 7 books that inspired the IMPACT goal setting system.

Where to get your books

I used links to Amazon in the past because it enabled me to put an image of the book in my blogs and easily provide a link for you if you wanted to buy the book.

Amazon has had a negative impact on our communities by destroying our high-streets, so I am moving away from them.

Instead, I will provide a link to Waterstones, a UK based bookseller that provides wonderful shops in our high streets.

This will mean less pretty pictures, but hopefully encourage you to visit our high streets.

Please bear with me as I convert the links over… it will take a while to go back through all my blogs!

I’d also encourage you to use your local library because it provides a fantastic resource for your local community.

If you don’t use it, you will lose it, and our communities will be worse off.

Links to books in Waterstones:

Row to Freedom by Julia Immonen

Links to books in Amazon – please buy it on your high street instead!




I’d love it if you would say which books you help you with your personal goal setting and suggest others by sending a comment.

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