IMPACT Goals help you set life goals to get through crisis or major change.

Set life goals to get through change

Have you had a major change or crisis in one of the areas of your life that really matters, for example:

  • A change at work, such as redundancy, retirement, being overlooked for promoted or being overwhelmed by new responsibilities?
  • A crisis such as an accident or health scare?
  • A change at home, such as a marital breakup, the loss of a loved one or being left with an empty nest?

Change is a challenge, and setting life goals can help you find a way through.

The IMPACT Goal setting system gives you renewed purpose and direction.

It is an approach that helps you deal with feeling overwhelmed, afraid or out of control.

The IMPACT Goal setting method helps you find your way by setting goals that embrace the challenge of change, especially after a crisis.

Setting the best personal goals gives you tremendous power to overcome crises, get through change and transform your life.

Set life goals to get through a crisis

The challenges and crises in everyday life create the need for a unique framework for goal setting.

IMPACT Goals is the latest method for setting goals.

It uses lessons from personal and business life, and complements them with ideas from Elite Sports, modern psychology and ancient wisdom.

It is a life goal system that focuses on what really matters.

This new approach is here to help you work through big changes and crises, to strengthen relationships and prioritise what you are passionate about.

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  • IMPACT Goals is the best way to set life goals that help you deal with changes and crises. Come to the next life goal training course to find out how:

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