The “Law of Attraction” is supposed to allow you to manifest whatever you desire in your life.

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One red car in a car park filled with cars of other colours

If you’re looking for a red car, is your attention drawn to it?

Is There Really A “Law of Attraction”?

In her book The Secret, Rhonda Byrne put forward the idea that if we want something to happen in our lives all we need to do is think about it long and hard enough and it will “manifest” in our life.

Cover of the book called "The Secret" by Rhona Byrne

This idea of manifestation became known as the “Law of Attraction”.

Byrne tries to make out that there is a scientific basis to this, but I do not believe that there is.

Her hypothesis has not been verified or peer reviewed by scientists.

At best, manifestation gives people hope.

At worst, it leads to laziness, complacency and disappointment.

An excuse for mediocrity.

“Manifesting” Is About Patterns

To my mind, manifestation is simply priming your mind to be hyper-aware of something: if someone tells you to think of a red car, then you will be hyper-aware of the number of red cars you see that day.

If you think about something long and frequently enough you will notice more of that in your life, because human minds are designed recognise patterns and filter those things that we want to focus on.

It is unlikely that you are aware of your feet on the floor at this moment, until I mentioned them now.

Or, if you are concentrating hard, the sounds in the room.

Now I have mentioned them, your mind gives them attention.

I believe the law of attraction is a myth unless you act.

Imagining success does not equal success.

Manifestation is merely using your imagination without taking action.

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