Integrating your goals with your values allows you to find your passion.

When a person acts with integrity, their behaviour is integrated with their values.

When you set goals that are genuinely integrated with you values, you set goals that you naturally are passionate about.

If you set goals that you are truly passionate about then you will find it easier to pursue them.

You can enter a state of “flow” as the eminent psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi says in his classic book Flow: The Psychology of Happiness: The Classic Work on How to Achieve Happiness, and your “work becomes play”.

The thing that finding your passion really enables you to do is to discover your reason for being; your “raison d’être”.

Once you know what it is, and if you have the courage to act on it, you will have the most fulfilling life that you can have.

Csikszentmihalyi believes that following your passion allows you to find your theme for life: something which you can invest countless hours in and recoup limitless pleasure from.

He suggests that you find out what you truly love to do and direct all your energy towards it, so that it becomes your theme for life.

You might not feel that passion at this moment in time.

That might be the reason for you following this blog.

Perhaps, your passion has been crushed by a crisis in your life or dulled by daily drudgery.

Perhaps, change is worrying you.

If you would like to refresh and renew, then come to our next IMPACT Goal-setting course, because you are more the sum of your circumstances and we all have potential.

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