You will find IMPACT Goals most useful if you are going through a time of change, because identifying your core values and integrating your goals with them gives you the power, motivation and support to get through that transition.

IMPACT Goals are worth setting at any major step in your life to give you a concrete vision of where you are going.

If you are going through a crisis, IMPACT Goals can help give you clarity and strength.

  • Examples include retirement, redundancy, role change or when your children leave home.

Goal setting can be daunting, because we all have fears and worries.

When you set IMPACT Goals, you are setting them for yourself, so you don’t need to share them with the world until you are ready.

  • It is rare in an IMPACT Goal Workshop for the delegates to share their goals with the others, which gives the power to dream big.

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IMPACT Goals are there to help you follow your passion.

Getting to really understand your core values takes time and effort. For some of us, making that investment only seems worthwhile for something that’s really important to us.

Integrating your goals with your values justifies that effort.

In fact, the opposite is true.

Knowing your core values enables you to live a life that is aligned with them.

It gives you a sense of peace, harmony and direction.

This is useful in your life whether you want to set goals or not.

Because it is a generic goal setting technique, you can use IMPACT Goals to create short-term goals as well as longer term goals.

The key is to apply it where you want the motivation, and therefore momentum, to achieve them by integrating your goals with your values.

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