If you would like to create your own IMPACT Goal, why not join the next goal setting workshop or training course?

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Integrating your goals with your values helps you to achieve your aspirations. If you are experiencing change in your life, then IMPACT Goals can help you through that period, because our goal setting workshop will enable you to:

  • Be crystal clear about your core values
  • Create compelling goals that are integrated with your values
  • Be energised to go for it!

The IMPACT Goal method give you the motivation, method and momentum to live your aspirations and dreams.

Goal setting training workshop

Attending our goal setting workshop helps you climb the stairs to a better life

Online workshop

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How do I register for the workshop?

Our goal setting courses are being held online to help you through the Covid pandemic.

You can register for this goal setting workshop on EventBrite – it will be great to meet you virtually!

If you have an questions about our training, please email hello@impactgoals.com

Alternatively you can contact us to find out more information on our goal setting workshops.

When is the course?

The goal setting course is structured into three short sessions of around an hour each over three consecutive days.

The next three courses are on the following dates:

  • Tuesday 16 – Thursday 18 March, from 1900-2000 GMT
  • Tuesday 13 – Thursday 15 April, from 2000-2100 BST
  • Tuesday 11 – Thursday 13 May, from 1800-1900 BST

What’s covered in the training?

You can find the agenda for our goal setting training here.

It would be ideal if you can bring a partner with you so that you can do the first exercise together. This could be your Success Partner, a family member or a friend.

How much does the goal setting course cost?

There is a nominal charge for this goal-setting course.

All proceeds from this goalsetting training workshop go to Action for Children (Registered Charity No. 1097940/SC038092) to raise vital funds to prevent youth homelessness.

Please make a donation when you register with EventBrite:

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