You can find the agenda for the online version of the IMPACT Goal Setting Workshop.

This goal setting workshop is about you, so is based around practical exercises to allow you to create a rich and fully-formed goal.

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The online IMPACT Goal Setting Workshop is broken into the three sessions covered in the agenda below:

Session 1:

Introduction to IMPACT Goals

Dreamsetting: A chance to dream about your ambitions and aspirations!

Identifying your core values and integrating your goals with them

  • We will spend a significant amount of time identifying your values, because this is central to IMPACT Goals. Integrating your goals with your values provides you with the focus and motivation to move forward with momentum, which enables you to achieve what your aspire to.

Session 2:

Gateways to your dreams

  • IMPACT Goals often embrace change or are challenging or long-term, so the way you measure progress is by passing through Gateways. These Gateways can be steps, rewards or values. You will set these so that you have a clear path forwards.

The power of the positive

  • Fear can hold us back so you will look into how to overcome fears and create a positive goal.

Session 3:

Overcoming obstacles

  • Procrastination is the dream-killer, so we will discuss how to use your values to provide the motivation you need.

Shoot for the moon…

  • We humans like to strive, so you will review your goal to make it more challenging. You will also think about the resources you need to achieve it, where you can get them from and when you will actually need them.

Making time

  • Time is scarce and your IMPACT Goal may run alongside your daily life. If it is your passion then you will want to prioritize it, so we will discuss how you can do this.

Discussion and feedback

  • A chance to review what you have learnt in the workshop and discuss how you can move forward.

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