The best life goals give you tremendous power to overcome crises, get through change and transform your life.

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IMPACT Goals helps you set the best life goals to overcome crisis or manage change. Setting personal goals helps you lead a better life.

You can set the best life goals using the IMPACT Goal system

Why set life goals?

Setting life goals helps you if you’re experiencing major change or crisis.

This is because goals give you direction.

If you integrate these goals with your values to create IMPACT Goals, this gives you purpose.

The most successful people in the world set life goals.

High achievers, elite athletes and top influencers create personal goals so that they know where they are going and how to get there.

They have answered the question, “What should I do with my life?”

They often have life coaching to help them, because a life coach helps them achieve their goals faster. 

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If you set life goals you create a beacon to light your way and monitor your progress.

This enables you to achieve more, faster, to be happier and more fulfilled.


How IMPACT Goals Came To Life

I studied and practised in depth how goal setting helps in life and in business.

There are many excellent resources available in books, online and as training.

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Indeed, an introduction in how to set good goals has become a core part of most business and HR training courses.

It made me more successful in business.

However, I came to realise that what I needed was a method of setting wonderful life goals.

What about setting life goals?

I found that I wanted to go beyond business with my goal setting, into the real world.

A method that would help me out of a crisis or to make the right decisions when faced with an overwhelming change.

I can lose my job and my money yet find happiness, but lose my relationships and I lose the foundation that my life is built on.

We humans are social animals and disregard our relationships at our peril.

I came to realise that the challenges and crises in everyday life create the need for a unique framework for goal setting.

So how do you set the best life goals?

Goals to get through change or crisis

I came to realise that the challenges and crises in everyday life create the need for a framework for goal setting.

IMPACT Goals is a new method for setting goals created using lessons from my own challenges and crises in personal and business life, and complementing them with practical ideas from Elite Sports, modern psychology and ancient wisdom.

It is a system that is designed to focus on what really matters.

This new framework is here to help you work through big changes and crises, to strengthen relationships and prioritise what you are passionate about.

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How do I set the best personal goals?

You maybe asking yourself “I want to set great goals. How do I do this?”

If you want to create goals so that you can be the best version of yourself, then you should put your values at the heart of your goal setting.

These values give you the “why”.

“Why” is so fundamental, because it is the engine that drives us towards achieving our goals.

Yet, “why” can be the hardest part for us to figure out when setting a goal.

Often we set goals without taking the time to make sure that they reflect our values.

You could set a personal goal that appears realistic and measurable, such as seeking a promotion or changing jobs, however, if you ask why you want these, there is a risk that the whole edifice could crumble:

  • Why do you want to be a manager, when it is a position where you spend much of your time being squeezed by those above and below you, and have little influence on the company?
  • Why do you want to move jobs when what you might move to entails risk and make take more time away from your family?

You need to fully understand your core values to answer these questions in the best way. 

Few of the personal development books in my library talk about the importance of “why”.

There are some books on business goals that address it, such as Jim Collins and Jerry Porras’ Built to Last and Simon Sinec’s Start with Why, the latter being a complete book on the importance of “why” to companies.

But not books on personal goals, and I think that the reason is two-fold.

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The “why” in business goals

In the case of business, most people do not need to understand why they are doing something.

The outcome is clear because of the contract between company and worker: you do your job and the company will pay you so that you can fund your life outside work.

Knowing “why” can help motivate the workforce to greater efficiency, as in the case of companies like Apple, Body Shop or Google, where the workers may work harder because they believe that they are doing something greater than themselves.

For most companies, knowing why is not part of the workers’ contract, either explicit or implicit.

The “why” in personal goals

In the case of personal goals, taking the time to work out what truly motivates you can be hard, but is worth doing, because it gives you the opportunity to answer the question, “How can I be the best that I can be?”

It requires us to stop and assess our values.

Doing this can lead to a reassessment of our lives and this understanding may lead to profound dissatisfaction.

We might not like what we find.

Assessing our values can take us out of our comfort zone.

This in turn can lead to change for the better.

Want to set the best life goals?

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