Many of us leave things to the last minute.

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Leave things to the last minute

You may feel stress if you leave things to the last minute

Leaving Things To The Last Minute

A problem caused by procrastination is that you leave tasks to the last minute.

This is especially the case if you avoid doing something.

You can be left unprepared, and being unprepared for a challenging task increases stress.

If you are one of those people who leaves revision till the last minute, you may recall the stress that you felt in the build up to your exam.

Take Control

Procrastination becomes a problem when it prevents you from doing what you really want in life.

So, what can we do about procrastination?

The first thing is to remember that you have a choice about what you do with each moment of your day.

Your time is your own to invest how you wish.

Sure, conflicting pressures may come from many sides, but it is your choice about how you respond to those and assign your time.

Taking control of your time is an empowering thing to do, so why not choose to do that right now?

How To Recognise Procrastination

The first thing to do is to recognise when you are procrastinating.

Personally, I get a feeling of being held back from doing something.

I feel unsure and nervous – unsettled.

Having recognised the feelings associated with procrastination, take action to deal with it.

You could make this action one of your Gateways.

For example, you could make your next step to overcome these feelings of procrastination.

Or you could create a habit so that you do not need to consciously think about stopping procrastinating.

If your feelings are driven by a reluctance to put the effort in, you could set yourself a reward for achieving your next steps to motivate you.

Sometimes a push can have more effect that the pull, so you could penalise yourself if you do not get on with your next step!

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