There are three types of Gateway in IMPACT Goals: Steps, Rewards and Habits.

When you set an IMPACT Goal, some Gateways will be clear and others vague.

If you have set a long-term goal you might not know some of the Gateways.

If you are deep in crisis, you might not be able to see beyond your next step.

Do not worry: you can add them to your plan as they come clear.

Similarly, progress may not be linear.

You may find that you deviate from your path.

You may take two steps forward and one step back.

Again, do not worry: it is your overall progress towards your IMPACT Goal that is important.

The journey to your IMPACT Goal should be measured so that you can track progress, because measuring progress is motivating.

This will help you keep moving successfully towards your goal.

If you have trouble setting Gateways, then contact us or come along to an IMPACT Goal-setting course.

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