It’s the season for giving, but what rewards do you give yourself?

Claudia Hammond highlighted that the benefit of giving to yourself in her interview on self-care with Prof. Miranda Wolpert MBE and Maggy Van Eijk. One of the Gateways in IMPACT Goals is rewards, because of their ability to motivate. Setting rewards for yourself for completing major or challenging steps in your journey towards your IMPACT Goal can help you progress faster. It can also make the journey more enjoyable.

These rewards can be small (like giving yourself some “me-time” doing something that you love, such as listening to music) or big (like splashing out on a gift to yourself). It’s what is right for you as a person. The key thing is to acknowledge what the reward is for so that it becomes part of your journey to your dreams.

If you are not comfortable giving yourself a reward, then try giving to others. Giving can be a reward, because it makes us feel good. I’ll explore why giving is good next week.

Rewards help motivate you by pulling you forward. Some people need a push, so a negative reward or penalty can give a kick start.

What sort of reward motivates you? If you would like to figure this out in a workshop, then you can join one here.

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