It is important to be flexible as well as to stick to your plan.

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Stick to the plan and be flexible

Last week I blogged about the power of “And” to help you set great goals.

A good example is to aim to stick to the plan and be flexible.

If you have created the right plan, then you should have the confidence to stick to it when under pressure.

At the same time, it is good to plan contingencies and have flexibility built in for when the unexpected happens.

Rather than changing your approach when you feel under pressure and panic rising, evaluate your plan and choose whether to stick to it or not.

If it is not right given your new circumstances, then be flexible and open to adapting.

Be open to changing direction

If you find you failing to achieve what you want then be flexible enough to choose a different path.

In my early blogs, I wrote about setting Gateways when creating the best personal goals.

Write your Gateways in pencil rather than in stone, so you can rub them out and change direction.

If you accept that problems will arise and expect the unexpected, then you will be in a much better position to deal with challenges.

There is an effective way to handle every situation – whether it is your emotional response to it or the action that you take.

You just need to prepare for the unexpected as part of your plan.

This might involve researching to find solutions to the way in which you respond to pressure.

Creating your plan B

We see the impact of this in professional sports when you hear a commentator say, “They have no plan B”.

A mature team – and person – has the flexibility to adapt to the circumstances in front of them.

The beauty of this is that you can create your plan B, C and D in the comfort of your living room.

They are then ready and available when you need them on the field.

Preparation like this breeds confidence.

It also helps you avoid procrastination, so that you can get on with achieving your goals.

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