It’s a small word, though using “And” helps you write the best personal goals by making them more compelling.

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Using And helps you set great personal goals

Business authors, Jim Collins and Jerry Porras found a surprising thing in their research into what makes companies successful:

The most successful companies use the power of “And” when setting their vision.

They use it to stretch beyond what is considered achievable, by using “and” to connect seemingly incompatible aims.

For example:

idealistic and pragmatic

bring together tradition and craziness

be wealthy and do good

They would choose things at opposite ends of the spectrum and connect them, thereby creating a more powerful vision.

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The “Genius of the And”

Collins and Porras included this idea as a brief interlude, called the “Genius of the And”, between chapters in their book.

I consider this a golden nugget because it is a simple and powerful way to strengthen your goals.

For example, if you are a sportsperson, instead of wanting to be fast or have endurance, your goal could be to be faster and have endurance.

This would make you a more complete athlete.

If you are a product designer, instead of creating a product that is low cost or environmental, you could create one is both low cost and environmental.

Simply changing the word between what you want to achieve from “or” to “and” makes your personal goal more compelling.

It’s a golden nugget that helps you set the best personal goals.

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