Sailing is a great analogy for how to approach your life goals.

When I was a teenager, my grandfather had a yacht that we used to sail along the south coast of Britain.

At the beginning of a voyage, we knew where we were, our intended destination, the next stage in our journey, and some idea of the conditions and challenges en route.

Time spent anchored or moored in port marked each step of the way.

We planned the provisions and resources that we needed for our journey.

A boat never travels in a straight line, even to the next port.

It is pushed around by the tide, waves and wind.

The weather can change rapidly from clear to fog, from smooth to rough, from calm to stormy.

You adjust your plan to account for the changing situation.

You also constantly make minor corrections to keep on course.

In the same way, you should constantly correct your direction towards your IMPACT Goal, so that you can achieve each interim stage.

I call these interim stages “Gateways”, because as you pass through each Gateway you are getting closer to your dreams.

Over the next few blogs, I will go into detail about Gateways.

If you would like to get a feel for how Gateways can help you move towards your aspirations, why don’t you join the next IMPACT Goal-setting course.


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