Self-discipline is key to you being successful, and a great way to develop this is to learn to delay gratification.

Self-discipline is the cornerstone to you being successful with your goals.

Do you recall that Napoleon Hill identified self-discipline as one of the “Twelve Great Riches of Life”?


A fantastic way to develop this habit is by delaying gratification.

You can do this by creating steps and rewards that encourage you to delay gratification and so require self-discipline.

Gandhi was regarded as a master of self-discipline.

In Nick Owen’s The Magic of Metaphor, Christina Hall tells a story about how a woman came to Gandhi ask him to help her son.

She asked him to tell her overweight son to stop eating sugar.

Gandhi asked her to come back in three weeks.

She did as he requested and returned with her son three weeks later.

Gandhi simply told the boy to stop eating sugar.

The woman asked Gandhi why he did not do that at their previous meeting.

Gandhi replied, “Three weeks ago, I was eating sugar.”

I love how this story illustrates how even the greatest icons recognise that they need to work on their self-discipline.

So, there’s hope for us all!

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