In my last blog, I talked about the research by Walter Mischel that showed that people who are able delay gratification become more successful.

The studies that Walter Mischel carried out became known as the “Marshmallow Tests”.

He observed whether children were able to resist a single sweet treat if they knew that they would get double in the future.

I wonder just how many children could resist the single marshmallow in the world of instant gratification that we now live in?

The Internet presents us with instant gratification on a vast range of choice.

From the simple, such as being able to listen to any music track ever recorded or watch any movie immediately without having to leave the comfort of our sofa, through to being able to buy almost any product and have it delivered to our doorstep within a matter of days – if not hours.

I think that this is fueling a society that believes it should be able to – and believes it has a right to – get everything immediately.

Given this, perhaps the Internet should now be called the “Instanet”!

Instant gratification reduces the value of things, because part of the joy of receiving is in the anticipation.

I would encourage you to spread your rewards in such a way that you can savour the wait.

If you would like to discuss strategies to resist instant gratification and so increase your success, come to the next IMPACT Goal-setting course.


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