We used to define special days by collective values, such as national pride and religion. We now have a day there is defined by when retailers reach a monetary value: “Black Friday”.

Money has value but is not a value. It seems to me we’ve moved away from knowing our values into a land of confusion. This dearth in true values is one of the reasons why I’ve shared IMPACT Goals. We should be celebrating our individual values and how they enrich our lives rather than letting retail, marketing, media and social media lead us to the altar of mass consumerism. Because when we get to that altar we are often left feeling empty.

I’d like to see us return to a situation where we are clear about our individual values and how they affect the world around us, so that we can go after goals that make a difference. It’s not difficult to get that clarity, it just takes a little effort, and it’s worthwhile. Once you put that effort in your rewarded with feeling of wholeness. And the motivation to achieve your aspirations.

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