When we are asked to set goals, we are sometimes told to make them SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound. When I do this, I find something is missing unless they are tactical goals in work or practical goals at home. I feel a void.

  • Say I set a goal to build a shed. So what?
  • Say I set a goal to achieve a business target. So what?
  • Say I set a goal to be more efficient, be stronger, better, whatever. So what?

I feel this void because there is nothing in my goal about my values. Unless the goal is underpinned by a value, I find my motivation waning as I strive for my goal, particularly if it takes time to accomplish. This is because values are what drive us forwards towards goals.

Integrate your goals with your core values and they take a life of their own. Your values are like the fuel that you put in your car; they are what propel you forward towards your goal. The better the fuel, the faster you reach your destination. So too with values. And just as fuels are different, so are our core values.

For many, prioritizing their family is a core value. Or friends, or the service of others. For others, it is their religion. Or truth, honesty, equality, justice. For others it might be money, perhaps expressed as financial independence or financial security. Or fun, laughter, joy. For most of us, freedom ranks highly. Ultimately, if you know why you are doing something, you feel motivated.

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