Let me be clear about something: creating an IMPACT Goals does not mean every moment of your life is rigidly planned.

IMPACT Goals are not lists of tasks.

They are the major goals in your life; the key things that you want to achieve.

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You may only have one IMPACT Goal, certainly no more than a few.

Once you have made the key decision about what your IMPACT Goal is, then be flexible about how you achieve it.

It is good to separate lists of daily tasks from your IMPACT Goals, and you can do this by creating an IMPACT Journal.

This is because an IMPACT Journal is about helping you create an environment to achieve your most important goals, not to do the mundane.

It’s about charting your progress to your goal, recording what you have done and what you will do next.

It’s about being list-less not listless.

If there is something that is getting in the way of you progressing towards your goal, then set that as a Gateway for you to pass through as soon as possible.

By setting IMPACT Goals you will create rich goals that are integrated with your values, and you will be able track progress towards them using your IMPACT Journal. Join the next IMPACT Goal-setting course to find out more.

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