Progress towards your IMPACT Goal is measured by going through Gateways, because as you pass through each one you come closer to achieving your aspirations.

Being clear about your first steps gives you the impetus to get going.

Gateways are about providing momentum: they are there to keep you moving forward.

They can be steps, rewards or habits.

It is likely that you will have many steps to go through to achieve your IMPACT Goals.

There are two easy ways to work out your steps.

The first is to describe where you are now and work out the steps you would need to take to achieve your IMPACT Goal.

The second is to imagine that you have achieved your IMPACT Goal and work backwards to where you are now, spelling out the steps that you would need to complete.

Using both approaches can help you uncover hidden steps and make those that you have identified clearer, sound and more refined.

The further into the future they are, the vaguer they are likely to be.

What is key is that your next step is concrete: you know what it is and when you will complete that step by.

This is because completing your next step, then firming up the one after it, will keep you moving towards your goal.

If want to work through your first steps in a supportive environment, then come along to the next IMPACT Goal setting course.

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