Built to Last is a management book that all aspiring executives should read. It uses an evidence-based approach to lay out corporate behaviours that separate visionary companies from the rest of the pack. In doing so, it offers a blueprint for how a successful company should develop as it grows. The lessons are something that are useful both to young companies, such as Unicorns, as well as those that have been around for years.

At the heart of visionary companies is a dynamic tension between continuity and change: the ability to preserve core values and purpose whilst setting specific goals and changing operating practices. It is this tight coupling of values and goals that I find so attractive.

It’s a book rich with ideas that translate well into long-term, personal goal setting. Jim Collins and Prof. Jerry Porras found the visionary companies focus on more than profit: they are driven by their ideals, their values. They use the Power of And (or as Collins and Porras call it, the “Genius of the And”) to make their goals both more demanding and powerful. They coined a unique phrase to described setting challenging goals: BHAGs or Big Hairy Audacious Goals.

I have found that many of their ideas work well when setting IMPACT Goals.

I provide a short review the books that I cite in my blogs to help you decide whether they are worth reading. If you decide that you will buy the book, you can do so from Amazon via the link above. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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