Most goal-setting courses and techniques tell you to share your goals with others.

It’s different with IMPACT Goals.

Your goals are your own to share only with those you choose or who might help you to achieve them.

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A common piece of advice with goal setting is that you must share you goals with other people – sometimes as many as possible – because this makes your more accountable for them.

This is in the belief that sharing them will make you more likely to achieve them.

The problem with this is that if your goal is aspirational or challenging, sharing it may make you feel that you should diminish it to make it more realistic.

Another problem can be that some goals are inherently private, and you feel that you can only share them once you are on the journey, if at all.

IMPACT Goals takes a different view.

The C in IMPACT Goals stands for Challenging.

Setting truly challenging goals that stretch you can be daunting.

Worrying about what others think can hold you back.

Judgement can have the effect of making us aspire for less.

Most the time, when people come to an IMPACT Goal Workshop they don’t share their goals.

It’s their choice.

They come with an idea and leave with a plan.

And that plan is their own to own.

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