The New Year welcomes in new resolutions. But how sustainable are these new goals?

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New Year heralds a time for renewal, an opportunity to set new goals that help you aspire higher.

Challenging, aspirational goals can be difficult to fulfill because they demand something extra from us.

That can be daunting.

Simple goals can sometimes be as hard to pursue as procrastination holds you back.

IMPACT Goals helps you through this, because by identifying your core values and integrate your goals with them, you unlock the power to push your forward.

Let me give you a simple example.

A friend set a goal to build himself an office shed in his garden… ten years ago.

It is still unbuilt!

He is someone who could finish it within a month “if he put his mind to it”.

But it’s not about his mind. It’s about his motivation. And his motivation comes from his values.

We spent some time delving into his values and came to realize that a core value for him is to help others, especially his family.

Helping himself isn’t a core value and this office shed was about him, not others.

So we changed the goal.

What if the shed had a dual purpose, one that was also useful for people he cares about? A singing room for his wife? A store for his kids?

Suddenly, he realized that if he smashed down the decrepit bike shed already in his garden, he would need to build another for his children’s bikes. What if he just added the office onto that… now the motivation for the new shed is there.

This is a basic example of how integrating your goals with your values can give you momentum.

Your IMPACT Goals can be so much more.

They can be the dreams that you have always aspired to and aspirations that you have always dreamed of.

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