Tracking progress towards your goals is fundamental when setting goals.

In some cases, this is taken to an extreme by planning the minutiae of your day.

I have tried that and found that this quickly becomes an endless list of To Do tasks.

Sure, these are important for achieving SMART goals at work, but become less relevant to life goals, because life is not a list.

I take a different view when it comes to our deepest personal goals, our IMPACT Goals.

I agree that we manage what we monitor, so see it as important that we monitor our progress, otherwise how else do we know that we are progressing?

Our IMPACT Goals can evolve over a long period of time, so monitoring how we pass through our Gateways, completing steps, giving ourselves rewards and install useful habits, enables us to see the progress towards them.

I personally use my IMPACT Journal to do this.

For more information on tracking progress towards your goals or to find out about an IMPACT Journal, contact me or come to the next IMPACT Goal course.

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