Creating a treasure chest is a simple and effective way of using past successes to give you a boost in the future.

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Treasure chest of successes

Storing past successes in your treasure chest can help in the future

Recall past successes

One way to keep yourself motivated when the going gets tough is to recall pass successes and triumphs.

You can build a catalogue of memories of the times when they happen and then recall them when you need to.

This is a technique that I have used with many teams.

When you have successes, you can reinforce them by remembering how you feel.

These memories are like jewels.

Imagine putting them in a “treasure chest of successes”.

You can then “open” this chest and go through past successes when you need a positive boost.

How to fill your chest

Close your eyes and imagine a treasure chest.

Think of some things that you would like to put in this chest to take out when you want a boost.

These can be big or small, they just need to have meaning to you.

It might include:

  • Good memories
  • Successes and triumphs
  • Obstacles you have overcome
  • Positive feelings

You can identify these jewels for your treasure chest when you review your day in your journal.

You can then set Gateways – perhaps as a reward – in your plan to recall these successes, so that you are making the best use of them, rather than leaving them locked in the dark.

A journal is a good way to record successes, because you can note special things and successes happen each and every day.

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