We are in an unprecedented pandemic: this gives us a unique opportunity to take stock and set goals to get through coronavirus.

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Goals to get through coronavirus

The new dawn is a great time to set new goals

New dawn for new goals

We are in the midst of the worldwide tragedy caused by coronavirus.

Many lives are being lost to the pandemic.

The world’s economies are taking a thumping.

Most of us are stuck at home as countries go into “lockdown”.

It looks likely that things will get worse before the start to get better.

Things will get better

Though the situation may seem bleak, it will get better.

In the meantime, there is little that we can do to accelerate the journey, bar adhere to the advice of our government.

Let’s place our trust in our government and health service and sit it out.

Whilst this lack of control can feel horrid, it presents an opportunity.

A chance to take control of what we can.

And that’s our lives and attitude.

Coronavirus creates chance to reflect on our goals

The pause in life caused by Coronavirus offers a moment to take a step back.

Time to assess priorities and create new goals.

Coronavirus creates an opening to create new goals and change course.

Embrace it!

The world is getting on just fine without us

When you look outside you can see how the world is getting on just fine without us.

The birds, bees, animals and plants not missing us.

Wildlife can cross our roads safely.

I went for a swim in sea and a seal glided up to me.

I was a curiosity in its environment, not the other way round.

There are stories abound of fish, swans and dolphins being spotted in Vienna’s canals as they become cleaner.

And it’s reported that the skies are clearing above China as nitrogen dioxide levels reduce.

This is how it should be: humans at peace with their environment.

I hope we learn from this and make the world a better place.

That we create a new, better norm.

Reconnect and deepen your relationships

IMPACT Goals is about setting those core goals that make a real difference in life.

One way we can do this is to deepen relationships with those people that are important in our lives.

Another is to reconnect with people that we have lost touch with.

Even though we are stuck at home, we can do this using social media, video conferencing and the good ‘ole’ phone.

Me time

This time at home allows us to be creative.

In the UK, we are allowed out once a day for exercise.

This might not seem much, but for many people this presents an opportunity to get fit by devoting time daily to exercise.

It’s an opportunity to make exercise part of your daily routine.

And if you want to get fit but don’t want to leave home, then you can get creative.

Watch this video as a great example of being creative, getting fit and having a little fun at the same time!

Keep out the madness

One simple way we can take control is to decide what we let into our minds.

In this world of wall-to-wall news, it’s easy to be sucked into watching it continuously.

To keep abreast with the horrifying mortality stats.

The news is not good at the moment and is likely to get worse.

So, a simple way to improve your mental health is to turn it off.

It can be hard to do, but the reward is better mental health.

Find stillness

A number of family and friends have told me that they are using the opportunity to find stillness.

Some are setting aside time to meditate.

Others are praying daily with the members of their household.

All it takes is finding a quiet corner and being by yourself or with those you love.

And finding stillness can help manage the overwhelming feelings caused by the pandemic.

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