It can be hard to keep calm as lockdown due to Covid19 continues, so to help with this, I have invited my favourite meditation teacher Sandy Newbigging to share a meditation with us.

Meditation guide Sandy Newbigging

Meditation teacher Sandy Newbigging

Introducing Sandy Newbigging

Sandy is author of a number of books on mediation, including Mind Calm, which you can find in my top 7 books for IMPACT Goal settting.

I would particularly recommend his Mind Calm CD.

As someone who’s mind is always (over-)active, I have found Sandy’s “GAAWO” technique a powerful method for calming my mind and finding a sense of peace.

I hope you find meditation this as useful as I do to keep calm:

Keeping calm in an anxious world

With world events as they are, it is easy to feel concern, so let’s talk about keeping calm in the face of so much “stuff ” happening in the world.

The key to staying calm is knowing where to put your attention.

We can put our attention on the content of our life: our thoughts, emotions, relationships, bank balance and life circumstances which are constantly changing.

Or we can put our attention on the context of our life: the still, silent, spaciousness that our life happens within.

Introducing GAAWO

GAAWO is a modern-day meditation technique that helps you to shift your awareness from the content of your life to the context.

It stands for:

  • Gently
  • Alert
  • Attention
  • Wide
  • Open

It can instant help your mind become quiet and access the inner states of peace and presence.

Here are the 3 steps to benefited from this easy Mind Calm technique:

  1. As you look directly ahead open up your gaze wider to the left and right.
    • Don’t look left and right, just start to notice what is in your peripheral vision as you continue to look straight ahead.
  2. Now whilst continuing to look straight ahead, notice what is above and below.
    • Don’t look up or look down, just be gently alert and notice what is above and below in your field of vision.
  3. Now do it all together.
    • Be gently alert with your attention left and right, above and below letting your peripheral vision expand out as wide as it comfortably wants to go.

Notice as you do this, what is your mind like?

Is it busy, or has it become more quiet and calm?

Have you noticed an inner experience of stillness, or even an inner presence?

You can use GAAWO anytime, anywhere, when you are doing anything.

It’s a super easy and powerful exercise you can do anywhere you go, as long as you remember to be Gently Alert with you Attention Wide Open.

About Sandy:

Sandy’s techniques have simplified therapy, turned self-help on its head, and offer strategies that are proven to improve lives and make peace more easily accessible.

As a monk, meditation teacher, bestselling author, award-winning speaker/trainer, and creator of Mind Detox, Sandy’s twelve books are published in multiple languages and he’s been featured on TV internationally.

Learn more at

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