A year ago, I wrote about setting a vision for 2020 so that you created awesome goals for the New Year.

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Set awesome goals for 2021

A beautiful sunrise on 1 January 2021 heralds the New Year.

The year that no one wanted

Instead of being able to pursue these goals, 2020 was the year when dreams were blown out of the water, rather than fulfilled, because of the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s been quite a year in ways that few of us would have predicted.

So, what if we learnt?

And how have we changed?

A lot of us have been humbled by Covid-19.

We have learnt about the fragility of life and of society, and as a result, hopefully value both more.

I hope we have learnt who is important to us and how to nurture those relationships.

Also to respect the fundamental values that our world is based on.

And to love our environment.

Energise to achieve awesome goals in 2021

People seemed increasingly fatigued over the course of 2020.

Covid 19 felt like a pending doom for many and the anxiety caused by it took a toll.

More screen time as well working and communicating using video conferencing appears to be accelerating exhaustion.

Being with people energises us, but we haven’t had much opportunity to socialise.

Zooming is nice, just isn’t the same as being with them.

One of the most popular pastimes – going shopping – has all but stopped and been replaced by yet more screen time.

When it has been possible to shop, it has been behind a mask.

And what about a relaxing holiday?

Is taking time off and spending it at home – your new “workplace” – really a holiday?

I don’t think so.

With all these constraints, how do we re-create and energise ourselves?

If you are clear about your core values and do things that are aligned to them, then you will be more motivated.

Even better, if you set awesome goals for 2021 that are integrated with your core values – IMPACT Goals – this will give you the energy to pursue them.

IMPACT Goals is a designed to focus on getting you through crises or major change, so is perfect for these challenging times.

On a personal note

I had a health scare in 2020.

It wasn’t COVID-19, it was a broken neck.

I learnt about the fragility of life.

I also turned 50 – a new chapter in my life.

The years are increasingly speeding by.

2020 has given me a lot of time for introspection.

These made me realise: blink and life is gone.

So, instead of feeling like there’s no point in setting goals, because of the lack of freedom at the moment, now is a good time to focus on what is important.

That’s where the IMPACT Goal setting system comes into its own and can help you set awesome goals for 2021.

When I created the method, it was intended to focus on the important things in life – things like relationships, life changes and getting through crises.

In 2021, I intend to publish a workbook to help people to create awesome goals to deal with these.

I hope that goes some way to help others to navigate these difficult times.

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