There is no better time to plan your 2020 vision than now.

And there is no better goal setting method to use than IMPACT Goals.

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2020 vision

You can set a great vision for 2020 using IMPACT Goals

IMPACT Goals are a great way to set your vision for 2020 because they take a different approach to setting goals.


This is because you set goals that are INTEGRATED with your core values when setting IMPACT Goals.

This gives you the “oomph” to pursue your life goals, even when times are tough.


As with all goals, your need to measure progress towards them.

IMPACT Goals goes a step further by ensuring that your goals are MEASURED, as in balanced.


All goals should have a POSITIVE impact on your life, and IMPACT Goals are the same.

You should also use methods to ensure that you can remain positive whilst pursing your goals.


If you really want to achieve your goals, then they should be ACTION-FOCUSED.

If you take the right action, the results will take care of themselves.


Where’s the excitement in setting goals that are easy to achieve?

That’s right: there isn’t any.

If you really want to set a vision for 2020 that really makes a difference to your life then you need to make your goals CHALLENGING.


And finally: making your goals TIME-FOCUSED is key.

That’s not just about setting when you will complete your goals.

It’s also – and more importantly – about setting time aside to regularly work on your goals.

These are IMPACT Goals

If you set your goals around these six criteria – Integrated, Measured, Positive, Action-focused, Challenging and Time-focused – then you will a vision that have a real impact in 2020.

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