I use recovering from a broken neck as an example of how to set a life goal to get through crisis or change.

Now, the reality is that recovering from a broken neck is a challenging enough goal already.

But there are lessons about challenging myself, which I will cover in this blog.

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Plan for dark times

It’s amazing how things can flip on their head in an instance.

One minute I was the fittest and strongest I’d been for decades, the next I’m in hospital with a broken neck and lucky not to be paralysed.

This shift was stark.

I found that the best way to get through it was to be positive and focus on making a full recovery.

Even so, there were times when it was hard not to quell panic or get depressed.

The worst was often at night, especially once I was at home alone.

I was in a neck brace twenty-four hours a day and that meant that I would only sleep for about an hour and a half at a time… if I was lucky.

Setting an IMPACT Goal to deal with this challenging goal helped me, as I planned what I would do when (not if!) I woke at night.

Listening to this hypnosis for healing was helpful to calm and, at night, to send me back to sleep.

I must have listened to it more than 100 times, so I purchased a copy to download from their website for the princely sum of $5!

The Covid19 pandemic made things harder

Breaking my neck during the global Coronavirus pandemic made things more challenging than normal.

This is because access to people that I wanted to be with is more restricted.

I wasn’t allowed any visitors in hospital.

Medical care was harder to arrange and more limited, making recovery more difficult.

The thought of getting Covid whilst in a neck brace is scary, so keeping safe made life even more constrained and lonely.

Once back home I had to minimise people visiting me to reduce the risk of catching the Covid virus.

Identifying these challenges helped me to set strategies to deal with them.

I used it to identify the resources to deal with each of these issues and that would help me recover.

In my next blog, I explain how I made my IMPACT Goal “Time-focused”.

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