How do you deal with feelings of anxiety as they arise?

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Learn how to deal with anxiety to achieve your goals

Fear and anxiety can hold you back

Why it’s important to deal with anxiety

Fear and anxiety are barriers to you achieving what you want.

They hold us back from pursuing our goals and dreams.

Meditation can help control anxiety, before the feelings become too strong.

It is increasingly acknowledged as a key technical for dealing with stress and remaining calm under pressure.

Mindfulness meditation is frequently cited in research.

You can find an example of a simple, practical and effective meditation here.

Take a deep breath

There is a lot of truth in the advice: take a deep breath and slow down.

Learning short versions of relaxation methods such as focusing on breathing or centring yourself can bring rampaging emotions under control.

It can be helpful to know that what goes on it your head cannot be seen by others.

That vivid, technicolour, loud orchestra of fear that takes place in your mind when you are frightened is your own show.

Distancing yourself from your emotion, for example by using the NLP method of dissociating yourself so that you are looking at yourself rather than from yourself, can be if effective way of dampening anxiety or panic, or dealing with a phobia.

Everyone else is focused on their own emotion, as they are in their own world.

It is about “me”.

So, when you sit on the edge remember that if you fall, few remember you.

But if you perform, you feel great!

Practise To Be Ready

It is all very well being aware of these methods but when panic arises, it is easy to forget them.

The best thing to do is to practice situations in your mind, so that you are ready for dealing with critical, real-life situations.

There are several levels to fear.

We have discussed worry and panic.

What about an anxiety that stops you doing something completely and has a real limiting effect on your life?

This has its own name: a phobia.

Overwhelming feelings of panic are likely to be experienced when you are faced with the thing that triggers the phobia.

There are numerous ways in which you can deal with phobias.

If you have one that is genuinely limiting your life and stopping you pursuing your goals that I would recommend that you seek professional help to overcome it.

This might be the fast interventions, e.g. through NLP or hypnosis, or through longer term therapy.

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