IMPACT Goals are about the process of pursuing your goals rather than just the outcome.

As you progress, you can set rewards as Gateways to give you motivation to complete a step.

  • If you would like to embark on this process yourself, you can do so at the next IMPACT Goals course.

You will be more successful at achieving your goals if you set Gateways that are action-focused rather than results-focused.

You can take time to enjoy the process of working towards your IMPACT Goals as well as the outcome.

A wonderful way to do this is to give yourself rewards when you accomplish an important step.

These rewards can be simple like as having a bit of “me-time” (such as soaking in the bath or doing something you like), or larger (like rewarding yourself holiday or creating memories), or giving yourself a gift that you have always wanted.

I would encourage you to make them things that you really value and give you pleasure – whether small or large – so they have meaning to you.

And remember, as many studies have shown, giving can be even more rewarding than receiving, so a gift to others becomes a reward to yourself.

Come along to the next goalsetting workshop if you would like to brainstorm rewards.

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