As the new year starts, you have a chance to your find – or re-discover – your true purpose.

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Your true purpose

Pursing your true purpose involves overcoming your fears

Open your mind to find…

I’m just back from TEDx KingstonUponThames, where I listened, laughed and shed a few tears.

In case you don’t know, TED is a forum for people to share their ideas about how they have, and you can, change the world.

I’ve watched and listened to many online, but there is nothing quite like being in the room.

You feel the emotion when someone breaks through their fears to achieve something life changing.

Serving others is the best purpose

A thread that ran through the talks was finding your true purpose.

And how finding that purpose changes your life for the better.

Those speakers who had found their true purpose had discovered that it was serving others.

Take Julia Immonen.

A former employee at Sky, Julia found her true purpose when she learnt about human trafficking, met a survivor and started to understand its horror.

She decided to row the “slave route” from the Canaries to Caribbean to raise awareness.

You can find out about her journey in her book Row for Freedom.

Julia has since continued her mission at Justice and Care, a charity who focus is to stop and prevent slavery, and to rescue and care for victims.

Core values define your purpose

Pursuing your true purpose can be hard.

Change can lead to fear and criticism.

But as Julia Immonen said about her fears, “Do it afraid if you have to”.

And, she had to, because rowing across the Atlantic in a tiny boat is just about as scary as it gets as this video shows!

Understanding your values and integrating your purpose with them makes it easier when the going gets tough.

I created IMPACT Goals to help you set goals that are integrated with your values.

Goals based around your core values give you your true purpose.

Pursue your true purpose this year

New Year is a chance for reflection and renewal.

It is an opportunity to review the past year to decide whether your goals are truly your purpose and if so to recommit to them.

If not, to modify them or set new goals that help you pursue your purpose.

If you want support writing your goals, then you can contact me at

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