You can use triggers such as smiling to become more positive due to the mind body connection.

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Smiling and the mind body connection

Smiling triggers positive feelings in you and others

In last week’s blog, I gave an example of the mind body connection and biofeedback at work.

This week I look at how you can use this to create positive emotions in your life.


You will have experienced the opposite to this when you felt panic or anxiety.

Panic can quickly spiral out of control as your heart and mind races.

Knowing there is a connection between your mind and body and that one follows the other means that you can take control of your mind to reduce panic and anxiety either by thinking positive thoughts or by slowing your body down.

This is something that you can practise when you not panicking or feeling anxious, so that you are ready to apply it when you do feel that way.

Now we have established that there is a mind-body connection, how does it apply towards being positive?

There are many ways in which you can do this.

For example, how you stand or carry yourself affects how positive you feel.

Similarly, how much you smile can be influence how buoyant you feel.

So, if you can become aware of how positive your physical presence is and make it more positive, you can increase how positive you feel and therefore become.

A virtuous circle of smiles!

I love so-called “old wives’ tales” and ancient proverbs – perhaps the original forms of urban myths – because they often capture the wisdom of ages.

There is a lot of truth to the phrase “smile in the world smiles with you”, because it sets of a cascade of positive psychological behaviour.

Smiling makes you feel better because it uses the mind body connection to trigger a positive mental state.

Other people want to match and mirror our body language and vice versa, so are likely to match our smile.

We in turn continue to smile back.

The result?

A virtuous circle of smiles!

Fake smiles

My statement that smiling triggers a positive mental state has a scientific basis.

It does not even have to be a natural smile, as has been shown by numerous psychological studies.

The smile can be forced because our brains do not differentiate between fake and real.

Smiling releases endorphins, the pleasure hormone, and serotonin, a natural painkiller and antidepressant hormones.

These feel-good neurotransmitters also reduce stress and boost your immune system.

So, in this increasingly stressful world, we can never have enough smiles!

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