You have the opportunity at the start of each day to prime yourself for the day ahead and to achieve your goals.

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Prime yourself to achieve your goals

Priming can help you see in the dark

Priming Yourself Everyday

Do you remember priming a paraffin lamp as a child?

If not, you may have an image of them from watching a period movie: perhaps a person holding a lantern and searching for something in the dark?

Paraffin lamps were a standard way of lighting up the night before electricity became the norm.

To use the lantern, you had to prime it by vigorously pushing a plunger in and out.

Once primed, you would light the wick and, hey presto, you had a lamp to light your way!

You can prime yourself for the start of each day by establishing a great routine, so that you have a guiding light for that day.

Priming Your Day With An IMPACT Journal

Writing a journal at the start of each day is a great way to prime yourself for the day ahead.

I write an IMPACT Journal, because it helps me focus on my values and goals, and enables me to have a greater impact on my day.

You can make your journal as long or short as you like.

When I first wrote a journal it became quite a lengthy affair.

Over time, I have reduced it to some key things that I find help me get into the right frame of mind for the day ahead.

An Example Of An IMPACT Journal

I am going to share three parts of my IMPACT Journal.

I do not always start my day feeling at peace, perhaps because something is niggling me from the day before.

So the first thing that I do is a short meditation to centre myself.

I find a Loving Kindness meditation such as David Hamilton gives me a sense of serenity.

You can find a example of such a meditation here:

Alternatively, a simple 7-11 meditation can work well.

You simply count to seven as you breath in and to eleven as you breath out.

Repeat this several times focusing on your breath until you feel relaxed and centred.

Once I have finished meditating, I take the opportunity to count my blessings.

I find that developing an Attitude of Gratitude makes me feel positive and open towards the day.

Next I want to focus on the key steps that will move my IMPACT Goals forward that day.

IMPACT Goals is about creating momentum by taking steps often no matter how large, so it can just be one simple thing.

Once I have done these three things, I am ready to get out of bed and embrace my day.

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