I studied and practised in depth how goal setting helps in life and in business. There are many excellent resources available in books, as training and online. Goal setting has become a core part of most business training courses. It is made a big difference to my success at work and in business throughout my career.

I wanted to go beyond business with my goal setting. I wanted to find something that would help me set wonderful goals for my personal life as well as practical goals at work. But setting goals in daily life and around relationships is something that seems to be avoided for being too calculating, too robotic. When it comes to relationships, I was advised to “live in the moment”. That is all very well, unless, like me, you see moments as part of a larger context.

These very same relationships are the most important thing in my life. I can lose my job and find support, I can lose my money and find happiness, but lose my relationships and I lose the foundation that my life is built on. We humans are social animals and disregard our relationships at our peril.

I came to realise that it is the challenges in everyday life that I really wanted to create a new framework for goal setting. I have taken the lessons from my own crises and from business, complemented them with the more practical ideas from Elite Sports, modern psychology and ancient wisdom, to create a new method for setting goals, which I call IMPACT Goals. I have taken into account the reality that most of us cannot devote all our time to a single goal, instead need to manage the conflicting demands of daily life and the desire to achieve a semblance of balance. This new framework is there to help you work through crises, strengthen relationships and prioritise your dreams and passions.

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