At this time of year, many of us think about our personal goals for the coming year.

But what is the best way to go about setting goals?

Here are 6 secrets to help you set the best personal goals.

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New Year is a good time to set personal goals

Many of us “scrabble” to find the secrets to set the best personal goals at New Year!

Secret 1: Integrate your goals with your values

Setting personal goals is different from setting corporate goals, because it’s down to you to keep yourself motivated.

There is no one else prodding or cajoling you forwards.

There may be little or no financial reward… or indeed any reward, unless you give yourself one.

The secret to keeping yourself motivated is to integrate your goals with your core values.

Doing so is like putting high octane fuel in your engine – it really drives you forward!

Secret 2: Make your goals “measured”

We all know that goals should be measured, so that you monitor your progress.

Setting simple and clear steps and ticking them off is a good way to achieve this.

But what about achieving balance in your life when pursuing your goals?

Few of us can afford to devote all our time to a single goal, so the secret is to make your goals “measured” – ie balanced with your life – so that it is more likely that you will find time and, crucially, support for your goals.

Secret 3: Positive goals and mindset

You would have thought that every goal would be positive, but that’s not always the case.

So, when writing your life goal, as well as writing it in positive language, the secret is to make sure it has a positive impact on your life.

Also, to maintain a positive outlook through a growth mindset and by using visualisation.

Secret 4: Action over results

Personal goals sometimes don’t have a tangible end point in mind, for example, if the goals are about personal relationships.

Failing to achieve a defined result can also lead to disillusion, even when progress has been made.

The secret to avoiding this, is to focus on the actions you take, rather than the result you achieve, as this will keep you moving forward.

The end result may turn out to be as good or better than what you originally hoped by being action-focused rather than result-focused, because if you focus on the process, results will come.

Secret 5: Challenging goals can raise the bar

We like to strive, so where’s the joy in achieving an easy goal?

The secret is to set yourself challenging goals, because then you may find that you achieved more than you originally set out to do.

Then set yourself small steps to help you get on your way!

Secret 6: Time needs to be allocated to your life goals

It’s simple: if you don’t allocate time to your goals, you will never achieve them.

And we are talking about your life goals here: those things that you most want to do.

So, the secret is to examine your day and work out when and where in your busy schedule you can fit in time to work on your goals.

And stick to it!

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